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How Your Promise Becomes Your Pitch: Networking 101

September 15, 2022 Pete Mohr Season 3 Episode 45
Business Owner Breakthrough Podcast
How Your Promise Becomes Your Pitch: Networking 101
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Not sure what to say at networking events, or end up bored because everyone just recites their resumé? In this short episode, Pete Mohr explains how to rephrase your elevator speech to focus on your brand promise. It's all about how your entrepreneurship makes others' lives better — own it!


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Pete Mohr  00:03

Welcome to the business owner breakthrough providing you with a quick tips and tools that are designed to help you turn your frustrations into freedoms. After all, you own your business, and it shouldn't be owning you. Here's the question of the day. What do you tell someone when they ask you? What do you do? It's an interesting one, because a lot of people shy away from networking events. They don't know how to answer a simple question of what do you do? And the way I often answer that question, at least for simplifying entrepreneurship is, I help entrepreneurs turn their frustrations in to freedoms. And they'll say, what does that mean? Or maybe they'll say, Tell me more. And if they say, either of those, it opens the opportunity for me to dig into the fact that, hey, I'm an entrepreneurial coach. And, you know, entrepreneurs are busy people, they're usually overwhelmed and overworked and they struggle with all kinds of things, depending on what the conversation is, we'll get into some of the specifics around that. And then I tell them, how I help them solve it, which is really this thing you want to understand their problem. Tell them how you uniquely solve it so that they can have a better life? And how do I help entrepreneurs turn their frustrations into freedoms? Well, it's usually around clarity tools that are frameworks that put their thoughts onto paper, create actionable items that they can take away with them, and assign accountabilities to their teams, and to themselves, so that they can have a better life and a better business. And through that, it's all about these thinking tools is about conversation. It's about accountability. And then when they work through this sort of stuff, it's like, Ah, I love it. And I'm starting to see things happen, right, they're starting to see the better life they know they need structure, they know they need accountability, they know they need to break through a glass ceiling. So let's understand what that is. Let's assess it, address it and advance it. You might have heard those three words before on some of my podcasts, but let's assess what it is address it and advance it. And this big thing around advancing it around the idea that we need to turn these things into actionable steps for yourself as the business leader and for your team in order to progress, the goals of your business, because you own your business. You've heard me say it, you own your business, and it should known you and you're always there propping up your business, with all of these different things instead of your business propping you up because of the life that you want to lead, then you got to flip that and you got to start changing some of those things in order to make the difference in your life. And that's what I do. So what do you do with your business? What's the problem that they're facing? I'll flip it back into our shoe stores give you another example, we own some shoe stores here in Canada called shoe topia. And with those shoe stores, what do we do, we want to help people look great and feel fantastic. Those are the four words, when they come in, they usually are coming in because they're going to an event or something like they want to look great, or they're coming in because they're looking for their work shoes, or their running shoes, or any of those things, they want to feel fantastic all day long. So when we can combine the look great and feel fantastic, we know that we've helped them find the perfect pair, we've taken them through their pain and frustration, my shoes are falling off, right, I don't have a pair that matches or whatever the case is, through our unique process at utopia of guiding them through the process of finding all of the different products that they're looking for fitting them appropriately, making sure they have what they need and everything that go along with it. And then letting them go and use them and enjoying it. So that when they look back at this utopia sign, they say you know what, utopia, those guys are good. They know what they're talking about. That's my favorite shoe store. So how are you taking people through their problem with your unique set of results, so that they can enjoy a better life. And that's such an important piece of telling people what it is you do, taking them through the journey from I empathize with the problem that you may be having, I have the solution. And now we're going to help you predict what the future looks like when you have this solution in your possession. Don't be scared when people ask you what do you do, just come up with those couple of little things that will get them to ask you to tell you more. And then go through that process of pain to pleasure so that they fully understand use a couple of examples and make it happen so that the next networking event that you go to, you're already ready to roll, write it down on a sheet of paper that clearly communicates this today. As soon as you get off the podcast here. You'll be ready to go for your next networking event that go make it a great day. If you're interested in learning a little bit more about this kind of stuff and how I can help you To add simplifying entrepreneurship, go to speak to that speak to book in a freedom call with me. We'll have a little chat and we'll see if we're right fit


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